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The Inner Circle brings together those who have succeeded with those who have a desire to succeed. It is the perfect way to gain access to Bruce Mackay and Patrick Brunelle within a group learning environment at an affordable price

The Inner Circle

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It Starts With THE LAUNCH

The launch is the first and possibly the most critical step in the business success blueprint. Bruce and Patrick have identified that thousands of businesses invest in customization, business setup, marketing and substantial personal time before ever making a serious effort to determine if the concept has an excellent chance to succeed.

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module 4

Time To GROW Your Directory?

Directory Gurus specializes in executing large scale marketing campaigns. The key to running a strong campaign has a strategy in place to A/B test your landing pages and email templates. There is no such thing as a silver bullet in marketing. Designing a quality campaign requires attention to detail and constant adjustments.

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Learn the secrets to success
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"I've seen thousands of directories during my time on Webinar Wednesdays, or as Brand Manager with Brilliant Directories. Most struggle to sign up paid members while some earn 7-figures using the same platform. Thankfully Bruce and other owners (announcements coming soon) have agreed to share their secrets with you!"
"I bounced around different platforms and was lost in a sea of ideas for years. It took countless mistakes to figure it all out, and I want to share these lessons with anyone that is serious about growing their business"